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Margaret Five-Piece Suite

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A classic choice for modern couples, The Margaret Suite offers relaxed sophistication, minimal elegance, and versatile design. Contemporary script lettering meets a steady serif with this pairing of intentionality. Margaret welcomes custom artwork like watercolor and hand drawn details, as well as a selection of wreaths, crests, and monograms.


A Five-Piece Suite includes:

  • Invitation {5 x 7}
  • Invitation Envelope with Return Address Printed
  • Response Card {3.5 x 5}
  • Reply Envelope with Reply To Address Printed
  • Card of your choice {3.5 x 5 or 3.5 square}
    (Such as Reception, Hotel, Website, Welcome Party)
Production Timeline

Your production timeline depends on your printing method. Your order will ship following the completion of your printed pieces.

Digital Printing: 2-3 weeks upon approval
Letterpress Printing: 5-7 weeks upon approval
Foil Printing: 5-7 weeks upon approval

Production timeline cannot be rushed at this time. If you have any concerns about the timeline of your order, email us at clientcare@empressstationery.com prior to ordering.

Paper Ply
Single ply paper is a substantial, 120-pound weight. Double ply paper is 240 pound weight, double the weight of single ply.
: Single
Printing Method

Digital Printing prints smoothly to the paper, with no raised or indented impression. If you run your fingers over it, you’ll only feel the slight texture of the paper itself. Digital printing is also known as flat printing.

Letterpress printing is done by creating a plate of your design. That plate is inked with rich matte ink, then each piece is individually pressed by hand into 100% cotton paper. This leaves a beautiful, touchable impression of your design, and you can feel the indentation when you run your fingers over the printed portion.

Foil printing starts with a sheet of metallic foil, then each piece is pressed by hand with a metal plate of your design into 100% cotton paper. The result is similar to letterpress. You can feel the impression in the paper. Rather than matte ink, the design is pressed into the paper with shiny metallic foil.

: Digital
Ink color:
  1. Process
  2. Personalization
  3. Questions?

Personalization of this suite includes:

  • Ink Color of choice from our Color Palette
  • Paper Color of choice: Ivory or White
  • Paper Ply of choice: Single Ply or Double Ply
  • Print Method of choice: Digital, Letterpress, or Foil
  • Your wording and information throughout the suite
  • Crest Design of choice for use on suite design

Email us before ordering at clientcare@empressstationery.com and let us help. Wedding paper can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you navigate it!

Please read our Collection Guide before placing your order for details of our process, paper, and printing options. Placing your order confirms that you have read and agree to our terms & conditions.

Personalize your suite

Who is the singular point of contact for this order?

Your digital proof will be sent to this email address

Select multiple (leave blank if no crest)

If a custom monogram is being added to your order, please give any specific notes for design below. Remember that three total double monograms will be designed for you to choose from, so you may note that you want to see options or variations for shading, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: "Honour of your presence" is for a ceremony held in a house of worship. "Pleasure of your company" is for any ceremony that is not held in a house of worship

If "other" was selected, please let us know your specific wording.

If bride's parents are married, please list parents names as Mr. and Mrs. First Middle Last. If bride's parents are divorced, parents may be listed on separate lines. If you would rather not list parents, leave this field blank.

Please remember to include the day of the week, as well as the calendar date

If you are using your additional card as a reception card, we will not include Reception information on the invitation

Please include City and State. Street Addresses should not be included on formal invitations, with the exception of private residences.

This following lines are for the return address and will be printed on the back flap of the invitation envelope.

for example: beef, fish, vegetarian

Select up to 2

Additional notes

Curated Customizations
  1. Monograms
  2. Crests
  3. Artwork

Select Your Style

You may include a monogram or initials on any or all of your paper pieces at no additional cost. Block and script initials are designed with the fonts used within the suite, while vintage monograms are sourced from our library of double letter styles. Or, for an additional design fee, you may choose to book a custom vintage monogram with your suite.

You will make your selection on the order form that appears when you click 'Personalize' above. Need more information about monograms? Click here!

Floral Crests & Wreaths

Your suite or save the date includes the use of any of our crests at no additional cost. Or, you may choose no crest for a cleaner, simpler layout. Crests are used with your monogram selection, and can be placed on any piece within your suite. You will make your selection on the order form that appears when you click 'Personalize' above.

Crests are organized by Floral Story, so that you may easily pair embellishments that go hand-in-hand with your selection. What is a Floral Story? Click here!

Watercolor and Drawings

With our in-house artist (read more about her here!), we proudly offer the option to add custom watercolor or hand drawings to any of our pieces. Whether atop your invitation, save the date or any of your insert cards, artwork that is personal to you is just one more way to tell the story of your wedding day.

Any of our suites and layouts can accommodate a watercolor or drawing by removing the existing graphic elements to create space. This level of customization is one of the most thoughtful additions we offer within our collection, and truly makes for a memorable suite.

Not sure what you need?

Samples are ready to ship, and our team is here to talk through process, timeline and your design plan.

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