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From helpful links to frequently asked questions, our resource page is an easy guide to our offerings.

important questions
How do I view pricing?
  1. Click the save the date or invitation suite you like.
  2. On that item's page, you will see a drop down selection for quantity, paper ply, and printing method.
  3. Once you input your choice for each field, the price will calculate on the personalization button.

Digital printing on single ply paper is most cost effective. A higher quantity, double ply paper, and/or the selection of letterpress or foil printing will increase your cost.

Click Personalize when you want to move forward with your order form.

Guest addressing may then be added for an additional fee. You will see this option at the bottom of your order form.

How do I know how many Save the Dates and/or Invitations to order?

Count households, not heads, when deciding how many to order.

Remember that many of your guests live together because they are married or part of the same family. Only ONE invitation is needed per household.

We sell our suites and save the dates in increments of 25, starting at 25. We ALWAYS want our clients to have 10-15 extra suites, so you have a clean copy for photography on your wedding day, several clean suites for keepsakes, and plenty in the case that invitations are returned to you.

For example, if you need to mail 105 suites, go ahead and place an order for 125. You won’t regret this, and we promise, you’ll be adding more to that 105 being mailed. 

When should I mail Save the Dates?

Save the dates have a wide range for acceptable mailing.

If you are planning an international wedding, or a wedding that requires more than half of your guests to book a flight and make hotel arrangements, mail save the dates as soon as possible. This may be 10 months to 2 years in advance.

If the majority of your guests are local to the wedding venue, or can drive to the wedding venue, you may mail save the dates 6-8 months in advance of your wedding date.

If you are planning a short engagement, save the dates may be mailed as late as four months prior to the wedding date.

When should I order Save the Dates?

As soon as you have a confirmed date at your wedding venue, a wedding website address (if applicable), and your engagement photo (if you plan to include), book your save the date.

We would rather you have these in hand and mail them a month or two later, than stress and wait for them to arrive so you can mail them the next morning.

Give yourself time to enjoy and celebrate the arrival of the first tangible piece of your entire wedding. And here's a tip: gather your friends for a girls night, treat them to a glass of bubbly, and stuff and mail save the dates together!

When should I mail my Invitations?

Invitations should mail 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding date.

If you did not mail a save the date, if you are inviting large number of international guests, or if your wedding is abroad, invitations can mail as early as 16 weeks prior to the wedding date.

When do I order my Invitations?

We strongly encourage ordering invitations as soon as your details are finalized, in an effort to keep this process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

If you plan to order custom artwork with your suite (i.e. a painting or drawing, or a monogram), and/or order a letterpress or foil suite, please order no later than four months prior to your mail date.

If your suite does not include custom artwork, and is digitally printed, please order no later than 2.5 months from your mail date.

If we are not printing your guest addresses for you, and you are using the services of a calligrapher,
you will need to use the in-hand date given by that vendor as your "mail date" so you have your envelopes on time.

If your order includes assembly with any embellishments, remember to calculate this into your timeline.

Can I mix printing methods and paper options within my suite?

Our three, four and five piece suite options will have a consistent paper thickness and printing method in an effort to give our clients the very best. The mixture of print methods and even different weights of paper can introduce imperfections.

The exception to this rule is the return address on the back flap of the invitation envelope. If you choose to add guest addressing, but have ordered a letterpress or foil suite, the return address will be digitally printed so that it is cohesive with the guest addressing.

Your additional cards may be a different printing process or paper ply if you choose. We do want clients to understand that different printing methods will never perfectly match.

Save the Dates may be a completely different print method if you wish. We commonly have clients order digital printing for these, and save letterpress or foil for invitations since the later two methods require more time than digital printing.

Do I have to place an order for my save the dates and invitation suite at the same time?

Definitely not! Most of our clients place their save the date order, mail them, and then come back to us to start their invitation order. If you do place the order for save the dates and invitations together, that’s fine too! Nothing wrong with crossing it all off your list. We’ll proof all of it together, and send it all to print at one time.

Can I add a custom watercolor or drawing to my invitation?

Absolutely! Any of our invitation designs can accommodate a custom watercolor or drawing. You must book the artwork with the invitation so we know to adjust the layout and create the artwork.

Remember that custom artwork requires 4-5 weeks to create. If you are using a painting or drawing we have on file, you will not add any additional time to your process.

Can I order custom artwork if I am not purchasing paper items?

Our policy is that our custom artwork is exclusively reserved for our save the date, wedding suite, and wedding day paper clients. We unfortunately do not create custom artwork for clients that are not ordering these items from us.

This is in an effort to provide intentionality and something special for our paper clients.

After ordering, what will the process to look like from that point?

Once your order is placed, we get started immediately! If you did not order custom artwork (a watercolor, drawing, or custom monogram), you’ll receive an emailed proof of the pieces you ordered within 7 business days, starting the business day after your order is placed. If you did order custom artwork with your paper pieces, 3-4 additional weeks will be needed to create that artwork.

We will email a digital proof of your entire order, including your paper pieces as well as any custom artwork and/or embellishments.

Your order includes two rounds of revisions if needed. Once you have given your approval of your layout, we will begin the printing process that day. Digital printing requires 2-3 weeks before shipping, and letterpress/foil requires 5-7 weeks before shipping.

We will never ever send your order to print without your approval.

When do I order paper for the wedding day or paper for the wedding weekend?

You’ll order these pieces (programs, menus, tags, table numbers, escort cards, etc) 4-6 weeks prior to the date you need these items in hand.

Before ordering, ensure these details are finalized and approved by anyone that would need to approve.