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Upgrade Invitation Size

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Looking for a larger invitation?

Our standard invitations are A7 (measuring 5 x 7 inches). This upgrade will increase the size to an A9 (5.5 x 8.5 inches). This upgrade includes an upgrade in size of your invitation envelope as well.

If you are including embellishments in your suite, remember to upgrade applicable embellishments as well. This includes envelope liners, belly bands, vellum covers, vellum overlays, and gatefolds.

Select the quantity below that matches the quantity of suites you are ordering. Add to your order with the suite you are booking.

Printing Method

Digital Printing prints smoothly to the paper, with no raised or indented impression. If you run your fingers over it, you’ll only feel the slight texture of the paper itself. Digital printing is also known as flat printing.

Letterpress printing is done by creating a plate of your design. That plate is inked with rich matte ink, then each piece is individually pressed by hand into 100% cotton paper. This leaves a beautiful, touchable impression of your design, and you can feel the indentation when you run your fingers over the printed portion.

Foil printing starts with a sheet of metallic foil, then each piece is pressed by hand with a metal plate of your design into 100% cotton paper. The result is similar to letterpress. You can feel the impression in the paper. Rather than matte ink, the design is pressed into the paper with shiny metallic foil.

: Digital Printing
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Email us before ordering at clientcare@empressstationery.com and let us help. Wedding paper can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you navigate it!

Please read our Collection Guide before placing your order for details of our process, paper, and printing options. Placing your order confirms that you have read and agree to our terms & conditions.

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